When Yasin told us she was fairly new to modelling and would love to come shoot with us, she forgot to mention that she’s become obsessed with modelling and has done more shoots in the past few months than many models do in a year, including travelling into mainland Europe for shoots, so while she hasn’t been modelling long, she’s had plenty of experience and it showed.

We prefer to work with models that aren’t concerned about having their faces in pictures, but occasionally that is something we have to take into consideration, and it does mess with our style of work a little, because despite our focus on nude, erotic and fetish images, we consider eyes to be the key element in the majority or our pictures.  In this shoot, we would be concentrating more on the other end.
Understand that we’re not complaining, that’s a view we are always happy to have, but we do miss it when there isn’t the glint of a confident eye in our pictures.
As we typically do with models who we’re working with for the first time, we started with some classic nude work, allowing Yasin to give us her concealed face take on the genre.
Next came a little acting for her.
Our only direction was “you’re an office worker that has just slipped out for a quick wank”  Then we stood back and raised the camera’s  😃
Yasin hadn’t done much rope work but wanted the experience, so some ground work then a partial suspension was the last of our three sets and again we maintained anonymity by concentrating on the bottom end.

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