Wrestling Has Changed

We’ve known that Freya has been getting into wrestling for a while now, so when she asked us to shoot her wrestling it wasn’t a surprise, but to be honest, in our minds we saw images of Mick McManus and Giant Haystacks hamming it up on the BBC on Saturday afternoons (yes I know that shows just how old we are)
Really?  is that the image we want to associate with GP Erotica?
Then we remembered who was asking  🙂   and she was suggesting Andrew London as her opponent  🙂
“We shoot nude, erotica and fetish.  Are you up for wrestling nude?”
“and we were wondering about making it grungy and dirty”
“You’re on”  🙂

So it was that we found ourselves watching two very attractive naked people oiling themselves down in our studio.
We wanted to get some classic wrestling shots in the studio, which would also give us a chance to practice angles and timing before we took the shoot out on location.
Seriously,  Mick McManus and Giant Haystacks never looked like this.
We’re not sports fans, but if all sports were as hot as what these guys were showing us, then we most certainly would be.
There was one problem though.  We wanted to show the passion and strain of the sport, but these guys were having a whale of a time and Freya just couldn’t stop grinning ear to ear  🙂
Andrew helped with that though, It’s hard to grin when you’re fighting for breath in a choke hold or trying to decide whether to give in to the pain or just let the dislocation happen.
With the studio work done it was out to a local barn where the first task was to rake the floor to remove stones.  As you’d expect when the floor comprises an inch of powdery dirt over hard packed soil, raking quickly filled the barn with a cloud of dust.  Now that’s not what you want all over your clothes, so naturally you, or at least they do the raking naked 🙂
Put down some straw, add a little oil and water to the skin and we were ready to shoot.
Those guys got dirty fast.
We didn’t have the dramatic lighting of the studio but what we had instead was a primal feel and some very hot scenes.
With the ‘straight’ wrestling over we looked around for something to give us a twist on our theme.
Well there was a tractor, and a crop of wheat, and a stack of bails and some rope …
Our last set saw Andrew roped to bales with Freya practicing her MMA moves – That lady can deal out the punishment.
Ok, what we shot isn’t going to make the Saturday afternoon TV slot and all those grannies that used to scream at the telly when Mick and Giant were on, probably wouldn’t be impressed, but put it in a late night TV slot and I guarantee an avid audience 🙂


  1. Freya the Fierce!
    August 27, 2015 at 10:23 — Reply

    Awesome!!! Thank you so much!

    1. Krixis
      September 2, 2015 at 01:28 — Reply

      You are most welcome, we has a great time shooting you 🙂

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