Welcome Back Jess

We’d met Taz the week before when we’d called in at a group shoot. At our friend Richie’s suggestion she’d agreed to come into our studio to shoot with us.  Today was the day.
In the mean time Richie had contacted us again to say that Jess was coming back to modelling after taking a year away when she hooked up with a new boyfriend, and could we include her in one or two sets?  
Now Jess is one of the best natural rope models we know and a cracking photographic model, so we’d be crazy to say no, and anyway it would be great to see her again.

It turns out that Krixis had mis-read the diary and rather than the 12:00 start agreed with Richie, he thought it was a 13:00 start, so he was half way through a large bucket of balls on the golf driving range when Kneelix phoned at 11:30 to say Richie had arrived.  Oops.
When he got back to the studio Richie’s first words (tapping his watch) were     “Taz is a no-show”

So the shoot was Jess’s.
With no prepared plan we defaulted to our standard – nude and rope, which quickly saw Jess huffing and puffing and dismayed at how model unfit she was.  (it’s amazing how many people think, very wrongly, that modelling is easy and effortless)
We started with some classic nude and she delivered as always, but it was very obvious that what she really wanted was rope.  So after a break we set up for a suspension.
As always Jess was a dream rope model, very quickly ‘zoning out’ as she calls what the fetish world refer to as ‘sub-space’.  
The tie and the suspension went well and we got some pictures, but what we weren’t ready for was her reaction as the last of the rope came off.  

The catharsis we saw and the subsequent lift in her demeanour was astounding.
    “Oh I’ve needed that for so long”

After a long break to settle herself she wanted more.  
This time a very different and much more constraining tie, a brief suspension and more pictures, including perhaps our favourite of the shoot.
This time though, once the stress of the suspension was lifted Krixis asked her if she wanted the tight rope released immediately.
So we left her bound tight laid on the bench.  
We could almost see the stress leaving her as she dropped deeper into her zone, which looked like nothing so much as a very peaceful sleep.
Sadly we thought it unsafe to leave her so tightly constrained for too long so we had to start taking off the rope after a little while, doing it as gently as we could allowing her stay in her zone until all but the last rope came off.

In her social media Jess had made no secret for weeks that the pressures and changes in her life were stressing her almost to breaking point.  But when she left us she was tired but smiling, like a huge weight had been lifted from her.
Perhaps there’s a new career there:  Dr. Krixis, Rope Therapist  😉

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