We Don’t Usually Shoot Pets

Ok, I admit it, it was my fault, I got it wrong …   but we’ll get to that.

We’ve been watching Lexi play at events for quite a while and thinking we really should invite her into the studio.  Then when she turned up at Delirium last month with Clementine, who was attending her first ever play event, ‘should’ and ‘ought to’ instantly became ‘must’.

These two looked and played great together and we wanted some that for our pictures.  This was a couple we definitely had to shoot.

Setting it up turned out to be easier than we expected so it was soon after the event that they arrived at our studio, albeit later in the day than we would have liked, but they work nights and we were lucky to be able to get our schedules together so we weren’t complaining.

They were here to shoot for our nude portrait project fallowed by some pet-play then rope and Clementine’s first real rope experience, something we were particularly looking forward to.

OK, back to my confession.  We’d started late, so I should have been pushing it to get everything done. But these girls were such fun to have around and letting them run for just a little longer in each set was so tempting, that by the time we’d finished the pet play we were running out of time.


But they’d had loads of fun too, so getting them to commit to coming back another day to shoot rope was easy.

So ok, I got it wrong, but as a result we get to shoot them all over again soon.  Result  🙂

Watch this space …

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  1. Mia_Noir
    May 9, 2015 at 11:20 — Reply

    They make a lovely couple and looks like they had a lot of fun! /Jelly lol Glad to see Clementine really enjoying herself and in her element again x

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