Variations on a Theme of Chains

When Lushiouslips emerged on Fetlife recently, as a fetish model, I was delighted.  I already knew her as an amateur model in the vanilla world and I’d really enjoyed her matter of fact approach, open mind and great sense of humour.
It was a no brainer that we had to do a fetish shoot with her.

We didn’t agree anything in particular when we booked the shoot, but I knew that chains were going to play a big part.

Anyway, I had this crucifix laying around the studio, as you do.  I’d made it in answer to a request for a crucifixion shoot, but didn’t really get the opportunity to make the most of it because of problems the model had with the position.  I had a feeling Lushiouslips would have no such problems, so that became set one.

She’d brought along her own hog-tie strap and ball gag, to which we added chains and spreader bars, then a little partial suspension to round the set off and we had some more cracking shots.

I’d had an idea for a close shot contrasting chain with her very neat and attractive vagina and anus, but wasn’t sure exactly what it was I was looking for.

A fuller story of the shot we ended up with is given in the next blog entry, so suffice it to say here that we had several false starts, with Lushious lips putting up with – or perhaps enjoying, a variety of chains and other objects being inserted ‘where the sun don’t shine’ before I hit on the right combination, and frustratingly, didn’t have time to execute it properly.

We got the shot and the combination of attractive vagina, chain, skulls and an artistic eye made that shot a record breaker for me on Fetlife with around 3.5k people taking time out to consider it and click on the ‘love’ button.

That was the last fetish set of the shoot which came to a natural halt when food appeared.

There’s no way though, if I get my way, that this will be our last shoot with Lushiouslips.  –  Watch this space.

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