Unethical Engineering

After checking out the profiles of Twisted Engineer and Unethical Choice, we had a pretty good idea how the shoot would need to go.  After five minutes of chat with them when they arrived, we were absolutely sure.   These guys were serious kinksters and that’s what the pictures had to show.

They had come in for our nude portrait project and to get some new shots of them together and they particularly wanted shots that really reflected them and their power dynamic.  That was something, they told us, they so far hadn’t managed to achieve.
That dynamic shone through right from the off, with our vanilla art project shots quickly becoming not so vanilla, but plenty hot 😉
TW had been a little apprehensive about the shoot, and about getting naked for the camera, but UC soon took his mind off that, or should I say, what he was doing to UC.  That reminds me. TW has great taste in knives …
They were keen to shoot some impact play, so given that UC had managed to survive the shoot so far, we tied her to the ceiling for the last set and gave TW a nice heavy flogger, which he set about using with gusto.
Now it’s never easy to get really good impact play pictures, but this time it was even harder, we had to keep telling UC that she wasn’t supposed to be grinning ear-to-ear while she was being beaten …

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