Two Days with Rag Doll

When Rag Doll introduced herself and suggested a shoot it was quickly obvious that shooting with her would be challenging and fun.
Challenging because her list of abilities and interests was impressive and opened up lots of opportunities for pictures, and fun for exactly the same reason.
Now our preference is to work with models that are comfortable nude, but Rag Doll way exceeds that benchmark.  She much prefers to be nude and that’s not just limited to modelling.

We didn’t quite appreciate that until we took a break in our first location set, but I’m getting ahead of myself.
She’d be traveling quite a way, so we agreed she’d stay over for two days of shooting taking in our art project, classic nude in the landscape, rope and predicament.
As so often happens, the real world got in the way and in the 2 days before the shoot we lost two of our first choice locations, so we were already into plan B when we started the first of our four shoots.
Instead of the broken down animal shed I had planned we would now be shooting just under the steel roof of a Hay shed – or to put it another way, given the brilliant sunshine and cloudless sky, in an oven.
You can read more about that in our post for that shoot.
With the first shoot finished, we took time out to eat and chill before getting into our art project shoot.
We want to show that naked doesn’t have to mean vulnerable and who better to demonstrate that, than someone that revels in nudity and seeks out opportunities to get naked.  Add to that, that she loves the camera and moves really well for it and you’ve got another great shoot.
We finished the evening winding down with some rope and I introduced her to coconut rope.  That ended with me practically carrying a very contentedly sub-spaced Rag Doll to her bed at 1am.
The most challenging part of our two days of shooting was waking a very sleepy Rag Doll for our early morning shoot just three hours later ;/
An hour’s drive saw us on top of a high rock outcrop in the White Peak in the early morning light for classic nudes and rope.
It was here that we had the sort of experience that I’m convinced you could only get in Britain check out our post from that shoot to read about it.
Our last shoot was more nude and more rope.  (Its a hard life being a fetish photographer) This time in a woodland stream where she  played the nymph, complete with garland of flowers.
Then despite the heat and an already long day with a long drive home yet to come, She just couldn’t resist the crop of standing wheat that bordered the wood, for a last few shots – naked of course 😉
Back to the studio, for food and a power nap before climbing back into her car, reluctantly dressed, for the long journey home.

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