Tiggy on Pole

We’d  often seen Tiggy at events, socialising and playing.  To be frank it would be hard not to notice her, great shape, big personality and a tendency towards exhibitionism.  She’s one of those people that just make things better and more interesting when they’re around.
We’d thought about shooting her in the past and even once pitched a shoot, but other things got in the way and nothing happened.
Until we saw her on a pole.

She makes no claim to be a master of the art, but she throws some cool moves and given that she’s doing it naked, she tends to get noticed.
So after another of her impromptu shows we tried again, but this time we pitched a pole shoot.
And here she was in our studio, naked of course except for those shoes!
Now what we know about pole dance can be summed up in one phrase.
‘Done well it looks great.’
So our direction for this shoot was one sentence.
‘You show us the moves and we’ll light and shoot em’.
So she did, and we did.
Here’s the result:

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