Thirteenways to Great Pictures

Thirteenways had been high on our ‘want to shoot with’ list since we first saw her two years ago, serving drinks and delighting club members by wearing a nicely cut and very brief pair of lace pants, and nothing else.  So we were delighted when we managed to get our diaries in synch and we finally had her all to ourselves in the studio.
We were shooting for our nude portrait project first as usual, but we’d left the second part of the shoot open as we knew she had some ideas of her own she wanted to explore, but as it would be her first shoot with us, and anyway it was November, we had no planes to leave the studio.
But plans change.

A few days of cold with no wind had stripped the last of the leaves from the cherry trees in our garden leaving a bed of brightly coloured freshly fallen leaves over the bottom of the garden just begging to have a beautiful naked woman rolled in them, and as it happens, we had just the thing 😉
So it was that we found ourselves breaking into the portrait sets to get Thirteenways wrapped in rope and outside before the too-short November day robbed us of the last of the light.
One thing lead to another and it wasn’t long before there was a naked woman walking across the farm yard and open fields near the studio, bathed in golden hour light.
But time, falling light and temperature ensured we were soon back in the studio where Thirteenways had asked to explore something with a vintage feel.
The studio smelled of cheroot smoke for days afterward, but it was worth it 😉

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