RJ Returns

It’s not long since ThatPrincesRJ came in with EM for some nude and lingerie work, but we weren’t going to let that stop us from bringing her back, solo this time, to shoot for this year’s farm calendar project – 13 hot women, all nude or near nude and all shot on our neighbours farm for their calendar.
It was a total coincidence that the day we booked, which turned out to be a cold wet day, was the day our neighbours would be hosting a meeting of a vintage tractor society and presenting their own collection. That meant, if we were quick, we could slip into the shed with the collection, all shiny and laid out looking their best, to get a few pictures before the society arrived.

Frankly that was just as well because there was no way we were going to get any pictures outside in that weather.  Just to prove the point, while we were getting a picture in the morning of the whole collection, for our neighbours scrapbook, stood in a corn bucket 3m off the ground just outside the shed door (so we could get all the tractors in one image) and in the pouring rain, one of our cameras got a little too soggy and stopped working.
Anyway back to the hot naked women – or rather woman…We got the cliche model on a tractor picture, and a few more contenders for the calendar but our favourite was a modest homage to one of our photographic inspirations, Jeanloup Sieff.

Ok, he did his with an Aston Martin and a fashion model in couture wardrobe, but our tractor and part time model in Primark stockings was still pretty eye-catching.  Just ask the visiting contractor that happened to walk past the shed door as we were shooting it.  The sight of the bottom half of a woman dressed in black stockings, heels and nothing else, sticking out from under a 1940s tractor certainly seemed to catch his eye  ; )
With rain stopping play outside we retired to the studio for those perennial stand-bys classic nude and rope  : )

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