The Out-Takes

Stretching before the rope, the rope going on, final tweaks in suspension, rope coming off, Ellarna getting down to the music, impromptu nipple torture, even rigger abuse.  It’s all here  : )
We often end up with”Behind-the-scenes” pictures taken by one or the other of us showing some of the technicalities and some of the fun of our shoots.
It isn’t often though that we get quite so many as we did when we were shooting Ellarna, Christian Red and Chel.

Usually only the odd one or two of these behind-the-scenes pictures ever sees the light of day but with so many pictures showing not only the fun we had in the shoot but the real pain of good rope it would be criminal not to put some of them out there, so for the first time here is a blog post dedicated just to the outtakes.

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