Sub Scientist and Literary Hedonist told us that they had been toying for a while with the idea of commissioning a shoot to capture their preferred lifestyle and the chemistry between them, then when they saw our art adorning the walls of a local club, they decided they had to take the plunge and that GP Erotica were the photographers to deliver the pictures they wanted.
SS is a very happy sub with a very attentive owner in LH.  Our job was to bring that out in the pictures while we worked through their list of ‘it would be nice to …’

As we usually do with first timers to shooting, we kicked off the shoot with some fairly simple Dom/sub shots to let them get comfortable and it quickly became obvious that we were going to have a good shoot as these guys interpreted and delivered on our direction. completely unphased by us moving around them tweaking lighting and shooting.
Next came a little manhandling, with LH giving SS a hard time for the camera, and SS struggling to hide the broad grins that each new outrage generated.  Every time we added a new prop, rope, flogger, knife, the grins got broader.  – subs and masochists. what can you do?  🙂
After a break for lunch we took it outside.  SS was very considerate, keeping her yelps and squeals fairly quiet so’s not to disturb the neighbours.  Her reward was to be taken for a walk in the park in the sunshine.
She behaved herself well there too so the lucky girl got a special treat, tied to a tree for a sound beating topped off with a ‘thorough seeing too’ – what more could you want?

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