We’d been admiring Steph’s work for a while, but between family life, work, pole dance instructing and horse-riding,  time for modelling assignments is not easy to come by in her diary, so when a friend said he had a booking with her and suggested bringing her into our studio for a joint shoot, we were happy to agreed despite our usual reluctance to work ‘group shoots’.
We’re glad we said yes  😃

Start with a great looking blonde with legs all the way up to her bum, add the fitness and flexibility of an accomplished  pole dancer and top it off with a fine sense  of humour and an all-around great personality and you’re going to have a fun shoot and get great pictures and that’s exactly what Steph brought.
Now She isn’t a fetish model, so we’d planned to concentrate on figure work with the addition of some head-shots and right from the outset Steph was delivering great pictures.
We were tempted to set up a pole in the studio to let her strut her stuff for the camera, but maybe that was a little obvious, so instead of a pole we gave her a climbing rope
We thought that was a wrap, but our friend knows Steph quite well and had something of an ace up his sleeve.  It was at this point that he reminded her that they’d talked about rope and fetish work and told her now, with us, would be the ideal time to dip her toe into that pool.
So it was that Krixis found himself with the delightful task of tying Steph for her first taste of Shibari – the gag was our friend’s idea 😉

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