Steph Popped In

When she last shot with us Steph had mentioned she’d like to do some more rope pictures, so when she popped into the studio with our friend Richie it seemed the obvious thing to do.

Now Steph isn’t a fetish model and isn’t on the fetish scene, but she didn’t let that get in the way.  Rope and blindfolds go together all the time, and even gags aren’t unusual, but they are almost always rope gags.  But we had a brand new ball gag that just happened to have a ball the same colour as our rope.  Need we say more?

We love the finished product, and based upon the number of times Steph mentioned ‘the wedgie’ we’d given her and of course that that rope had to go straight into the wash, we’re guessing she rather enjoyed the experience too.  😉

Steph’s an accomplished pole dance with bags of upper body and leg strength, so it’s not surprising that while we set up for the next shot she passed the time doing stretching exercises and hanging from the ceiling, casually pushing her lower leg through the suspension ring (something we’ve been told lots of times isn’t possible)  and hanging there apparently as at home as a bat.

Rich had brought some new glass with him and wanted to see how it behaved in pictures.  Who are we to argue?

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