SS Again

SS came in to shoot with us a few weeks ago with her partner Lucien. That shoot was principally an exploration of their dominant/submissive relationship.
At the time we agreed that we would have a second shoot with SS and that shoot would be split between some sets for our farm calendar project and some glamour/boudoir sets for her.

Despite the best efforts of a cow that managed to get on the line and delay her train, the shoot started without too much delay with SS wearing one of Lucian’s shirts.
If you were presented with a good looking woman wearing nothing but a business shirt what would you do?
We gave her a copy of the financial times 🙂
We’d been watching the weather and it was beginning to look like we weren’t going to get our calendar pictures but then there was a break in the heavy overcast and rain and we made the most of it quickly getting out into the farmyard where we were supervised by an our two young cats, Dis One and Dat One.
While we were working the farmer, drove into the yard in his tractor to find a naked woman striding around on one of his trailers. Naturally he did what anyone would do, jumped into his car and drove off for lunch with a grin and thumbs up sign.
 We wrapped the last farm set just as it was coming on to rain again and headed to the kitchen to grab something to eat.
Glamorous stuff this photography …

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