SpoiltBratKitty and Milnaeg

When we booked Kitty and milnaeg to shoot for our art project followed by ‘something a little more fun and kinky’, we had a sneaking suspicion we were going to get something a little out of the ordinary.
We weren’t wrong.

We always start with the project work.  It needs nude so we don’t want to do that after shooting  rope or tight clothes and all the marks they leave, but besides that, we’ve always found it works as a great icebreaker to relieve the nerves and tension many of our guests feel at the thought of taking their clothes of for the camera, for the first time.
It works.  Invariably, even the most shy and those that later admit to being ‘terrified’ when they arrived, quickly relax and start to have fun, but these two took that to a new level.
The chemistry between these two is tremendous and a delight to see.
When I urged them, to ‘get close and pretend you’re friends’ they didn’t need telling twice.
The loving couple shots started to stack up, and quickly became ‘very loving’ sand ‘ very physical’
We were just an hour into the shoot when, with his head clamped firmly between her legs, Kitty had her first orgasm.
Naturally, as upright and respectable citizens, we quickly retired to give them their privacy … no wait – we’re fetish photographers, we just kept on shooting 😉
That pretty much set the level for the rest of the shoot, giving us some great pictures of  great and very hot couple.
We’d agreed that part of the day would be spent on location and we’d chosen a quiet stream off the beaten track where we planned to have Kitty caught and punished after running away from her master.
They say cats don’t like water and Kitty wasn’t at all sure when I told her to get into the stream, but when she stepped in we got a ‘pooh, its not that cold’ and she settled into her role as the runaway.
Of course, making her sit down in the stream was absolutely necessary for the pictures, and whats the point of a white shirt if its not wet and see-through, so I think throwing water over her was a perfectly reasonable thing to do 😉
(So did she when she saw the pictures)

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