Sometimes you’re lucky

We saw Herheart for the first time at the Euphoria fetish event in Leeds where the little she was wearing left us in no doubt that we’d like to see her in our studio.
An introduction, an invitation and a business card later she was telling us that she had been thinking about getting back into modelling again after health issues had forced a break.
Soon after the event we received a message from her on Fetlife and very soon after that we had a shoot date in the diary.
– We were lucky that Euphoria is such a good event that lots of people are willing to travel for it, and that it’s quite well known across the north of England.
– We were lucky that HerHeart was willing to make the 100 mile journey from Durham.
–  I can hear our American friends chuckling about Brits who think that 100 miles is a long way. Well it works both ways, after all, Americans think 100 years is a long time  😉
– We were lucky that after an enforced break, we were back at Euphoria.
– We were lucky that Herheart had already been thinking about getting back into modelling.
– And then we were lucky to have HearHeart in the studio, stood naked, grinning ear-to-ear and asking ‘what’s next’.

Honestly we can’t remember when we had a more up-beat, cheerful, and fun person in our studio.
We had asked her to come in to shoot for a couple of our projects.
Our long running Public-Private nude portraits and a calendar we are shooting for some farmer neighbours.
The first was a great start to the day’s shooting, with HerHeart jumping in with both feet determined to deliver what we needed while having great fun doing it.
The second was when the luck ran out.  The calendar has to be shot at outdoor locations and the weather was dreadful.  So the calendar shoot didn’t happen.
Before the shoot we’d asked her if there was anything she particularly wanted to explore and she told us that the idea of shooting vintage style images appealed to her.  So the remainder of our time went to impromptu sets that could be given a vintage twist.  We think we’re not all that far away – what do you think?


  1. Matt
    August 16, 2017 at 09:23 — Reply

    What a gorgeous shoot. Loving your work

    1. Krixis
      August 16, 2017 at 10:11 — Reply

      Thank you, we’re glad you like what we do

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