When JL contacted us to say she thought she’d like to shoot with us she also said she wasn’t sure she’d actually be able to go through with it.
As a pre-op trans woman JL is dealing with a lot in her life, among which she told us was a big body confidence problem.  
She was hoping that doing a shoot that would include nude work would give her a confidence boost.
In our experience she was right so we were pleased when she decided to commit to the shoot.

She wasn’t able to bring the props and wardrobe we’d discussed, but that left us a nude set and JL told us she was experimenting with self rope and said she’d like to include that in the shoot.  We’d told her we’d also do something suitable for social media so we added in a couple of little glamour sets.
It turned out just as we expected, by the time we finished she was buzzing and telling us what a great confidence boost she’d got.
We love it when we can make a difference for someone 😊

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