Rolling Rope

Now we didn’t even know that Roller Derby was  a thing in the UK, so when Rope Princess told us that until recently  she had been a member of a Roller Derby team we got interested. –  Well we’ve seen the film ‘Rollerball’ so who wouldn’t be interested in that?

Sadly when we asked her to tell us about Roller Derby it turned out that they don’t use motor cycles, don’t wear spiked gloves and don’t fire a steel ball around the track from a canon.
Apparently death and dismemberment aren’t commonplace either.
It also turned out that Rope Princess hadn’t even heard of Rollerball – but her eyes did light up when we showed her a trailer  😉
Still, Rope Princess in skates and body-armour did have a certain appeal so despite the lack of motorcycles, we wanted to make pictures.
Lacking a skating arena, or even a set from Rollerball, we brought her into our studio and asked her to demonstrate roller derby moves.
We got the pictures we’d planned, but then we thought we’d up the anti.  They may not allow weapons on the roller derby track, but we weren’t on a roller derby track.
A little atmosphere with the help of lights and smoke machine, a little makeup, some garden variety muck and a change of wardrobe and we had something they wouldn’t let anywhere near roller derby, but we liked it.
It’s not that long since we shot 13Ways suspended on her beloved bike and rope and wheels had worked then so for our last set, why not again…

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