Rocking Phoenix

We had a pretty good idea this shoot was gong to be something a bit special right from the start.
Phoenix had first suggested we shoot her with RossRox months ago, but this was one she just hadn’t let go, despite the problems of matching up our busy schedules with his ridiculously packed one.  Add to that the gleam in her eye every time she talked about the shoot and we could see it was definitely going to be something a bit special when we got the two of them naked in the studio.

When the day came, they didn’t disappoint.  We’ve worked with Phoenix so often we had no worries about her turning in a stellar performance, but Ross was an unknown quantity.  Not for long.
He threw himself into the shoot with no reservations a perfect match for the much more experienced phoenix, delivering exactly what we wanted with an unlikely mix of modest guy next door and super confident rock star and the pictures started rolling in.
Then there was the chemistry.  Every now and again when we are shooting couples we joke that we ought to have a bucket of cold water in the studio, ‘just in case.’  With this pair we would have needed a fire hose.  Thee guys were hot together and it was no holds barred as they crossed and recrossed the range from adoring couple to sparing partners  😉
The plan was to shoot Ross solo for our project while Phoenix was in makeup.  That was the plan, what we got was one of the best couple sets we’ve seen yet in the project and it only went up from there.
Whether as the owner with his collared slave, or as naked slave on his knees to his mistress Ross turned in a starring performance keeping up with the ever stellar Phoenix in every set.
We have to admit though, our favourite set was the last one (except for the one that got away.  More about that later) The last set called for them to be nude and oiled and wrapped in chain.  We had to send them back into the changing room to finish oiling each other, they were steaming up the cameras, but when they (eventually) reemerged, we got to have our fun.
Now it was all in the name of art you understand, but those chains were very heavy, very cold and very dirty, so who can blame us for having perhaps just a little more fun than was necessary draping them across some very warm and tender places 😉Th  GPE1412-0698
As you’d  imagine, mixing oiled bodies and dirty rusty chain doesn’t make for the cleanest of outcomes.  Add to that Phoenix’s familiarity with our spacious wet-room with it’s huge rainfall shower head in the ceiling, and what came next was no surprise.
I suppose, if we’d have thought about it, just how long those two were in there should have been no surprise either.  Talk about the pictures that got away …   😉

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