RJ’s Christmas

Princess RJ wanted some Christmas images for her social media and her fans, so of course she came to us.
It seems this is the season for us to be shooting glamour, not our favourite thing, but it does make a change.  
Of course though, we couldn’t do the whole shoot with just glamour, there had to be something a little more interesting. What would a Christmas tree be without presents around it, and of course presents must be suitably wrapped.

Now RJ is very switchy and there was no way she was going to limit her Christmas pix to the meek submissive wrapped up for her Master. She wanted some Dommey pix too. Fortunately for her, and unfortunately for Krixis, she and Kneelix put their heads together and came up with a plan.
Krixis bent to the inevitable and put down his camera, and his clothes, figuring

“What the hell Christmas comes but once a year.”
“What could it hurt?”

It turned out, when RJ struggled to get the decorations to stay where she put them, until she noticed the stapler.
That it could hurt plenty!
Now RJ had told us she also wanted to be the angel at the top of the tree.  
Well of course after the stapler incident, Krixis was really looking forward to inserting the tree where it traditionally goes.
Sadly she changed her mind  😢
He had to settle for flying her to the top of the tree in a rope suspension.

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