Rain is Irrelevant

Even before 7 of 9 arrived we were reaching for our plan B.  We wanted to shoot on location, but for once the weather forecast had been bang on and the early morning overcast and rain had stuck right through the day, but 7 would have none of it and in true Borg fashion declared that rain was irrelevant and she wanted to shoot on location.

So it was that we found ourselves in mature woodland, having waded through chest high brush to get there, and with clothes and bags soaked from the trip.
Light rain was falling through the canopy but as long as it didn’t get much above a drizzle, we could work.  I was pretty confident of the weather sealing on the camera and lenses, but the flash gear was a different matter, so flash heads and generator were wrapped in plastic bags.  Not pretty  or convenient, but effective.
A 200 year old beech tree that had been recently felled was our first location and it was there that (not for the first time) I executed the less than traditional shibari discipline of roping under a coat.
Take a young woman, naked except for a big coat draped over her head and shoulders, and apply a Box-tie entirely by feel while reaching up inside the coat.  
The things we fetish photographers have to do  😉
There really wasn’t time to untie and retie for each set, so I quickly became adept at hauling her leggings up and putting on socks and boots, then 7 found herself picking her way through tangled brush without the luxury of arms to balance herself before I pulled her clothes off again  (always the more satisfying experience) for the next set.
The cold breeze, soaked skin and hair meant we had to work fast or risk hypothermia and meant my plan to put her into the lake for one set was a non-starter, but we got most of the shots we’d planned.
The rain did us one favour.  It kept the walkers indoors, so we had the wood to ourselves – almost.
I wonder what that couple though when half way across the footbridge they past a guy that had apparently tied-up a naked young woman, and was now unsuccessfully trying to dress her again …

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