Rag Doll on the Farm

We were shooting in a barn on top of a roof-high hay stack that allowed us to use the beams and purlins of the roof (when we weren’t bumping our heads on them)
We shot Ragdol tied to, suspended from and stretched very uncomfortably by those beams in oven-like temperatures with, just for good measure, a cloud of midges that got everywhere.

Although that wasn’t an entirely a bad thing, after all, when the model’s naked and securely tied, someone’s got to brush off the bugs that are tickling her, and those bugs got into some really interesting places 😉
While we worked, the farmers were harvesting the crop just outside the barn, and passing by the open door every now and then, but they couldn’t really see the naked tied and hooked woman on top of the stack.
Apparently that disappointed Rag Doll.  She’d already told us she liked to be naked at every opportunity, but we didn’t realise just how big an exhibitionist she was until we took a break.
As it happened, the sky had clouded over when we took a break and it was starting to rain a little.
I didn’t really pay attention when Rag Doll said something about giving the farmers something to look at, and it wasn’t until I caught a flash of skin disappearing out the door that I realised what she had meant.
From the top of the stack I watched her through the open door run naked across the yard, climb on the trailers stored there and begin doing hand stands and flips from trailer to trailer, reveling in the warm rain, then climb onto the high rim of a grain trailer and use it like a gymnastic beam.
It took me a minute to grab a camera and get off the stack, but there was no way I was going to miss recording this show.  
Her big finish was to run into the part harvested field doing cartwheels and flip-flops, then turning her back and bending low to show off her arse – among other things 😉  to the harvester driver, before turning with a flourish, waving to him and running back into the yard to pose among the haylage bales.
I heard later that next day there were lots of volunteers to drive the harvester  😉
Back on the hay stack we took in two more rope sets and some classic nude before calling a wrap.
Emerging from the barn we realised it was later than we thought because the yard was bathed in that gorgeous golden hour glow that precedes sunset.
By this time we were hot, tired and hungry, but it would have been a crime to pass up such beautiful light, so with a big grin Rag Doll dropped the clothes she had reluctantly put on and once more took to the trailers for some acrobatics.

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