Promoting Princess Pervette

Princess Pervette came in to shoot some new promotional pictures for her revamped web site.  She wanted to show medical play and a variety of submissive control sets.  We wanted to get some great portraits of this great character and gorgeous lady.

She brought along her slave Whippet and we provided a second sub for a couple of the sets, kind souls that we are 😉
We’ve been around the fetish scene for a while now, but one of the things that never gets old is seeing the pleasure and satisfaction the sub gets in relinquishing total control to their Domme, and the way a Domme takes on that responsibility and the trust placed on her.  We’ve never seen that more in evidence than with this pair.
One of the things we really like about our work is the opportunity to watch others doing what they are good at, and Princess Pervette is very good at what she does.  We have to admit though that she was so good at one point while we were shooting her flogging Whippet in our private garden at the back of the studio, that we were worried our farmer neighbours would come to investigate his very loud howls of pain.
You can see how the Mistress used our images here:

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