Promoting Cleo

Another of those shoots that got lost in the mix and never made it to our blog – until now.
We’ve been friends with Cleo for ages, so we weren’t surprised when she approached us to shoot some promotion pictures for her Escort business.
We knew that what she would need would be a little more ‘vanilla’ than our usual fare because most of her clients are vanilla, but we can manage that, as long as it doesn’t happen too often  😉

It brought back memories of our pre-fetish niche work, but she’s a friend and it does us good to step outside our comfort zone every now and then.
We wanted to get a mix of the usual ‘glamour’ type shots and something a little more explicit, while sticking to the simple brief,
‘Something sexy that will bring in some more business’.
We shot on just three sets, hotel room, car on the road and white room.  Of those the car set was probably the most risky to get, and we’re pretty sure that there would have been some raised eyebrows if the people passing and working close by had glanced into the open windows of that parked car.
Our last set used a mirror in a simple but surprisingly unfamiliar way.  We say unfamiliar because more than once we’ve used this approach only to have the model say “wow I’ve never seen that view before.  So that’s what it looks like!”

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