Phoenix in Blue

When Phoenix ditched the red hair she’d had ever since our first shoot with her more than 5 years ago, and went blue, she said she’d love a shoot to show it off.
As often happens life got in the way, so when she hit the dye again for a top-up, we wanted to make sure that we recorded the result for posterity and we got a date in the diary.

Now phoenix doesn’t do clothes when she’s modelling but we needed something to complement the blue of her hair.  Fortunately earlier in the year we’d hosted a kinky non-wedding that had blue as it’s theme and we still had some blue ribbon and taffeta tucked away in a cupboard, so our first set was a blue wrap.
We have a box of masquerade masks too and one of them is blue, so…
Now Phoenix coming in to shoot with us and not getting a rope fix just doesn’t happen, so our third set and the last before she had to leave for work saw her tied to a chair and of course the rope was blue.

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