Phoenix and Fire Hobbit

We’ve worked with Phoenix Rises many times, so when she approached us with an idea for a shoot with Fire Hobbit, it was only a matter of time before we pulled it together.

Fire Hobbit had agreed to shoot for our nude portrait project and we were well on with that when Phoenix Rises arrived and with FH posing naked the obvious thing to do was to get her naked alongside him.  it was our good fortune that she’d arrived just in time to include her in some of the ‘buggering about’ pictures we do as part of the project and when we asked FH to do something he wouldn’t normally do in public, he came up with a first for us, and a great picture 🙂Th  GPE1407-0880

Our shoot plan called for rope and wax in their first proper set together, something PR was definitely looking forward to, the only difficulty we had was when I asked for a meaner dynamic with PR looking fearful and hurting.  That’s something difficult to show when your model can’t help smiling because she’s tight roped and covered in hot wax.

The next and final set of the evening was on location using an industrial plant as backdrop to Dom FH with (much to the delight of the night shift workers) his near naked slave.

Next on the shoot plan was an early start to shoot at two South Yorkshire locations, but because of the ridiculous preparations for the Tour de France, we had to cancel those sets.

Hey guys, the clue’s in the name.  Its bad enough we’ve got to put up with the race at all, but when major roads are closed for 20 hours instead of the hour or so it takes for the race to use them, something, I’m told that doesn’t happen in France, you’ve got to wonder about all the marvellous benefits claimed by the race promoters.

The highlight of the shoot was set to be the ‘mock’ primal wrestling between the two, but an emergency forced an early close to the shoot, so that one is for our next shoot, and PR and FH assure us that there will be a next shoot 🙂


  1. Bjørn NIelsen
    July 15, 2014 at 12:17 — Reply

    Amazingly creative images that are beautiful technically completed

    1. Krixis
      July 25, 2014 at 12:07 — Reply

      Thank you. We’re glad you like what we do 🙁

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