Pets on Show

Princess Pervertte had asked if she could come along to studio for a shoot with her prize pedigree pets. Always happy to shoot with the Mistress we of course said yes and got the date in the book.
On the day it turned out that the princess brought two pets.

I think she felt sorry for her re-homed stray and although the rather tatty mongrel is anything but prize pedigree she brought him along too, We are still not sure whether that was a mistake or a happy opportunity but it did make for an interesting shoot.
Try as she might, the  Princess product couldn’t separate the dog and the bitch and showing off her prize doesn’t quite have the same effect when there is a tatty mongrel sniffing its ass.
We took the shoot into the garden but sadly given the choice between rooting around in the bushes and rooting around between Miss Sixx’s legs, the bushes didn’t get a second glance.
Still it made for some interesting pictures.
You can check out Princess Pervette’s other interests on her web site:

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