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We we’re still short of some pictures for next year’s farm calendar so we asked RJ to come in again to see if we could get one or two more with her.

She agreed and asked if we could do some Domination/submission pictures, but with a difference.  She wanted to play both roles. That was going to take some careful planning and execution, but as long as we kept it simple, it sounded a great idea to us.
On the day the weather was fairly kind to us with mostly high cloud and sunshine, though we knew there’d  be some games to play with colour balancing with the shots we got out in a field in everything from thick cloud shade to direct sun.

Golf has become a feature in the nilla side of GP Erotica, so it was inevitable that it would eventually find it’s way into the pictures, and surely it was a candidate for the calendar.  Ok, there’s no golf course on the farm, but a field of ripening barley next to a golf course would be a helluva place to lose a ball, so we went with that.

One of the farmers happened by so we asked him if we could shoot in one of the horse boxes.
“In a horse box?”
“Yes, maybe mucking out”
“Mucking out?  Well, yes.  But I want to see the pictures  ; )”
Well it makes sense to take off your best riding clothes when you muck out horses doesn’t it? 😆

Then it was back into the studio for those D/s images. The Princess didn’t really follow what we were doing as we set up each of the pictures we would need for the composites, but being a good model she followed direction and we got the shots.  It made us smile to see the penny drop as we went through the shots with her on the tethered computer so she could see how they related to each other.
As ever we’d had fun and got some great images with her.  That’s why she has an open invitation to come back and shoot with us.

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