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When the force of nature that is Lady Sea told us she had a new batch of her high quality fetish gear and asked if we would do a product shoot for her, of course we agreed.
Then she said ‘I really need pictures for the next BBB fetish market’
–  which was in 7 days time!

Find a gap in the studio schedule, find models with matching availability, do the shoot and do the post production in time to get the images out for BBB.
Well it keeps things interesting for us.
The morning came, a small car arrived and Lady Sea, three models and a very large product box tipped out.
First things first, coffee and tea, then laying out the products and planning the shoot to show the most with the least time lost for wardrobe changes.
Then it was into the studio and down to business.
Lady Sea does a lot of business with the pony community producing magnificent pony heads, bridles and harnesses and that’s what we were shooting and what better way to display them than on beautiful, near naked kinksters who love having a chance to wear the gear.
Typically in our studio, it quickly became obvious that the biggest threat to getting through all the shots we wanted would be laughter.
Ok – it does slow things down but if shoots weren’t fun we’d stop doing them and the out-takes are brilliant  : )
(Watch out in the near future for a new ‘out-takes gallery on our web site)
We got the shots – Lady Sea got the pictures in time for BBB and everyone had great fun. – Result!

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