MissLirael is a name we’d come across many times.  and it’s a name we associate with some great and some pretty horny images, so we knew shooting with her had to be just a matter of time.
Now this lady has a great body and that’s what we wanted to show in our first set of images with her, so we were straight into some classic nude work.

But you know how it goes.  one thing leads to another.  Erotic nudes were definitely on our list and she’d been showing us a rather stylish glass dildo she’d brought along.
Well you can guess what happened  ; )
Then there was the rope.
And with a model like MissLirael, a little straight rope work would seem such a wasted opportunity, so to the rope we added a kettle bell weight and some rather ouchie clamps.
This lady is fun to work with.
Now it’s just a matter of time before she’s back in front of our cameras again.

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