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RJ Kept her clothes on!

RJ dropped in to look at ideas for an Angel and Devil shoot we’ve discussed.  So we spent a little time looking at wardrobe options and looks, then took some pictures. : )
What was really different about this shoot was that RJ kept her clothes on – mostly.  

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Mai brought Shaun

 We’ve worked with Mai a couple of times now and on both occasions she asked if she could come in to shoot with her Dom Shaun. We were more than happy to arrange that.
She told us that Sean was a very confident guy and was looking forward to the shoot so despite Shaun not being a model, we had no qualms in proposing our preferred Shoot pattern, starting with classic nude then working through  a series of sets to capture their domination/submission dynamic  and finishing with a set featuring Shaun’s decorative rope.
Our optimism proved justified when having been left to prepare themselves for the shoot while we set up the studio,  The two of them walked into the studio with wearing nothing but a smile and a let’s get started attitude.

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When JL contacted us to say she thought she’d like to shoot with us she also said she wasn’t sure she’d actually be able to go through with it.
As a pre-op trans woman JL is dealing with a lot in her life, among which she told us was a big body confidence problem.  
She was hoping that doing a shoot that would include nude work would give her a confidence boost.
In our experience she was right so we were pleased when she decided to commit to the shoot.

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EM’s the First of the Decade

The first shoot of the decade was going to be a body paint shoot with Em painting and modelling.  The plan being that she would be developing her ideas over the holidays to deliver a well practiced finished look at the shoot.
Then as so often happens, life got in the way.

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RJ’s Christmas

Princess RJ wanted some Christmas images for her social media and her fans, so of course she came to us.
It seems this is the season for us to be shooting glamour, not our favourite thing, but it does make a change.  
Of course though, we couldn’t do the whole shoot with just glamour, there had to be something a little more interesting. What would a Christmas tree be without presents around it, and of course presents must be suitably wrapped.

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Charli, fairly new to the modelling scene, contacted us saying she loved our work and asking to shoot with us.  After discussing options we agreed and she duly arrived, complete with her commercial rigging gear.  Now in our blog, the word rigger has, up until now, meant someone with experience and skill in the Japanese art of shibari.  Not this time.  Charli is a commercial rigger who spends her time rigging the lighting for theatre productions and gigs. A fascinating job and we enjoyed hearing her stories.

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Mai Ling and Rope

The first time we worked with Mai it was with two other models, but she got a taste of rope and loved it.  She asked us then if she could come back for a proper rope shoot.  We weren’t going to say no.

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Lisa at Last

We were chatting with Lisa about a shoot years ago, but we never quite got it together.  Then she stopped modelling.  
Then just recently we got a message from our friend Richie saying that Lisa wanted to get back into modelling and had asked to shoot with us.  After an enforced break she wanted to get back to something she enjoyed.  

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Jess came back again

Jess had taken some time out from modelling earlier in the year with that all too common problem of life getting in the way of the fun stuff.  Life still hadn’t quite released it’s stranglehold on her but she wanted another break from the real world so she asked to come back again for some more rope
Now Jess loves rope and that’s what she was really looking forward to, but because it’s quite a while since she’d shot she wanted to do a little glamour too.   Glamour isn’t really our thing, but for Jess we were happy to go ’nilla’ for the first part of the shoot. So it was lingerie and the old faithful big red chair and Jess relishing time in the studio again.

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Kai ties RJ

It was Kai’s idea a couple of months ago to do a rope shoot where instead of the usual bunny role, she would be the rigger and tie RJ.  We thought it was a great idea – well – less work for us  ; )
As often happens life gets in the way so it was months before we managed to make it happen.

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Halloween Pix?

RJ asked us if we would do some halloween pictures for her. We said yes, just as long as we could stay away from the usual clichés and make it just a little more disturbing than the usual fare.  She was definitely up for that.

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New Model Ashley

Ashley contacted us saying he was new to modelling but had seen some rope pictures and would love to shoot rope with us.  We spent quite a lot of time with him explaining that rope was hard work for a model and not without risks, but he was determined to get his pictures so we booked him for a short shoot.

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Gentleman – slob

When RJ and Kai approached us suggesting a Dom/sub shoot with Kai booted and suited, we were happy to go with that, but suggested why not also shoot Kai as a slob with his equally scummy sub. They were up for that, so we started to plan

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A Cold Wet Bex

We’d been talking to Bex about making some nudes in the landscape images, but when our reccie the day before revealed that our planned location was a non-starter (unless we spent several hours clearing brush without being turfed out as trespassers ) we had to fall back on plan B.
Plan B was a walk or more accurately a scramble up the side of Bleaklow moor to shoot her in front of a small waterfall.  Now this wasn’t a flawless plan.  In fact there were three big flaws.

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Leanne Mai and Ben

When Leanne shot with us a couple of weeks ago she made it very clear that she wanted to come back for more.   We weren’t going to say no – we’re not mad.  We got a date in the diary. So we were already looking forward to another fun shoot when she contacted us again to say she’d just shot with another model, Mai and they’d had great fun.  Could Mai join in with her shoot please.
Guess what we said.

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Roping RJ

We hadn’t had a fix of RJ in weeks, so we invited her down for a chat and  some bodyscape and rope in an afternoon shoot that turned out to be half shooting with a little meanness thrown in and half chill and chat.  😁

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Welcome Back Jess

We’d met Taz the week before when we’d called in at a group shoot. At our friend Richie’s suggestion she’d agreed to come into our studio to shoot with us.  Today was the day.
In the mean time Richie had contacted us again to say that Jess was coming back to modelling after taking a year away when she hooked up with a new boyfriend, and could we include her in one or two sets?  
Now Jess is one of the best natural rope models we know and a cracking photographic model, so we’d be crazy to say no, and anyway it would be great to see her again.

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Kitty and Taz

We’d heard that a friend of ours, Gio, was running a group shoot.  Now group shoots are not really our thing, but it’s ages since we saw him so we asked if we could call in and say hello.
Yes he said, of course.  And bring your gear.  And bring some rope too…
So we did.

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Killer Clowns

It started with a message from Em saying she’d really like to do a naked clowns in the woods shoot with a couple of her girlfriends, but with all three of them working a day job, it was taking some time to make it happen.  Then the two friends moved away.  So the idea lay dormant.
Then we saw a picture Em had posted on social media of her and Hugwithteeth in clown makeup at an event.  More messages and we had a shoot.
But now it was to be naked creepy clowns in the woods.

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Hello Leanne

We hadn’t come across Leanne before, so when a friend and fellow photographer said 
“she’s good and wants to do some rope”,
and we agreed to book her, we really didn’t know what to expect.

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