Mai brought Shaun

 We’ve worked with Mai a couple of times now and on both occasions she asked if she could come in to shoot with her Dom Shaun. We were more than happy to arrange that.
She told us that Sean was a very confident guy and was looking forward to the shoot so despite Shaun not being a model, we had no qualms in proposing our preferred Shoot pattern, starting with classic nude then working through  a series of sets to capture their domination/submission dynamic  and finishing with a set featuring Shaun’s decorative rope.
Our optimism proved justified when having been left to prepare themselves for the shoot while we set up the studio,  The two of them walked into the studio with wearing nothing but a smile and a let’s get started attitude.

As always when working with an established couple we explained to them that we didn’t want just to make pictures of two people. We wanted to see and shoot what they were together, the chemistry between them, and that’s exactly what they gave us.
These guys are great together and delivered shot after shot like seasoned professionals.   If anything they were giving us too much too quickly so our direction tended to be to pull them back so that we could make the most of each set.
We’ve invited them back to work with us again and we hope it won’t be too long before that happens. 

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  1. Liv eden
    August 13, 2020 at 21:05 — Reply

    Beautiful photos. Their D/s connection is captured perfectly. A handsome and sexy couple for sure.

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