Lisa at Last

We were chatting with Lisa about a shoot years ago, but we never quite got it together.  Then she stopped modelling.  
Then just recently we got a message from our friend Richie saying that Lisa wanted to get back into modelling and had asked to shoot with us.  After an enforced break she wanted to get back to something she enjoyed.  

Chatting through what we might do she asked for a range of pictures, including some explicit ones suitable for an ‘Only Fans’ page.  
As usual we  started with classic nude to allow us to see how she moves for the camera, then some for Only Fans.  At her request we even did a few glamour pictures (don’t tell anyone) .  
She wanted to experience rope so we finished with a set including a partial suspension.  She told us she’d enjoyed the challenge of the rope but later was still not sure whether rope was for her.

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