Leanne Mai and Ben

When Leanne shot with us a couple of weeks ago she made it very clear that she wanted to come back for more.   We weren’t going to say no – we’re not mad.  We got a date in the diary. So we were already looking forward to another fun shoot when she contacted us again to say she’d just shot with another model, Mai and they’d had great fun.  Could Mai join in with her shoot please.
Guess what we said.

Then it was ‘it would be fun to have a male model too…’Leanne had already seen some of Ben’s (let’s face it, outrageous) images so when his name came up she was all for bringing him in, and here we are.  Our friend Richie was in on the shoot too so it was Krixis and Richie behind the cameras and three fun models in front.
Our first set was to be a Domme and her two slaves.  Leanne was a little uncomfortable playing the Domme as she is a real world submissive, but she played the part beautifully.Next it was time for the reverend Benjamin to preach to the perverted.
By this time our subs were becoming bratty, and Ben decided that they needed to burn off a little energy, which they did to much delight, while roped in place on tip-toes.  It’s always good to see a man take such pride in his work. ; )
Unusually for Ben, what goes around comes around and he was a little careless letting them down – something he very quickly regretted when they got the upper hand.
With the shoot rapidly descending into something a little less professional than we are used to amid howls of laughter, we decided to wrap. Unsurprisingly by the time they had to leave they had already planned their return.  Watch this space.

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  1. Tony
    September 17, 2019 at 18:32 — Reply

    Good set of images guy’s well done

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