Kitty and Taz

We’d heard that a friend of ours, Gio, was running a group shoot.  Now group shoots are not really our thing, but it’s ages since we saw him so we asked if we could call in and say hello.
Yes he said, of course.  And bring your gear.  And bring some rope too…
So we did.

We watched and chatted for the first couple of hours, then Kitty approached us saying
“I so want to run around the wood naked – and maybe get tied up too.”
Then Taz said she’d never done any rope and she’d like to try it.
We wouldn’t want to disappoint ladies, so it was into the nearby woods rope and photo gear in hand.

Sadly running naked through a wood teeming with brambles and nettles isn’t that good an idea, so we just stuck to the rope, and in the time remaining we managed to get a couple of brief sets done.
By the end of the shoot Taz was saying that what we’d done wasn’t even close to what she thought it would be and she still wasn’t entirely sure whether she liked rope, but when we mentioned doing some more in another shoot her eyes lit up and she couldn’t say yes quick enough.  
So we knew we had another convert.

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