Just Passing Through

Toni came into the studio with our friend Richie. She’d mentioned to him that she’d seen some rope pictures and had been intrigued. She though she might like to try it. Nothing too demanding or complicated, just to find out what it was like to be tied. He brought her to see us.

We put a simple chest harness on her and she enjoyed the feeling and posing in it, but sadly she didn’t catch the rope bug.
She’d brought along a great pair of boots and we really wanted to get some some shots of her in just the boots. Now she doesn’t usually shoot nudes, but when she saw some of our work she agree that we could make nude in those gorgeous thigh-high boots look great. So she went for it.
She has no interest in fetish work so we doubt we’ll be seeing her in our studio again, but just passing through she brightened our afternoon. 😊

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