Ink and Rope

When we saw Nicola’s great body-art we knew we wanted her for our nude portraits project.
Happily it turned out that Nicola loved to be naked and had spent time on the edges of the fetish scene looking for an opportunity to get naked and explore kink.

Not ones to leave a lady in need, we introduced her to Fetlife and coined her Fetlife nickname ‘AmbulantInferno’ taken from the bold gothic lettered statement emblazoned across her abdomen.  ” Ambbuabunt Me Cum In inferno ” She tells us that translates as ‘Walk with me in Hell’ and Krixis’s schoolboy Latin isn’t good enough to be able to say otherwise  😉
Nicola’s had a brief taste of rope, enough to know that she wanted more and that she wanted to experience rope and sensation play properly and fully.
So a shoot was born.
Let’s face it, people getting tied up in our studio isn’t exactly unusual, but we are always keen to keep our shoots professional, and we emphasise to people that are coming from the kink world that they are coming to a shoot and not a kink scene.
That means when we do rope in a shoot, it’s all about the pictures rather than the experience.  Not least because of the time that good rope can burn up.
But this shoot would be different.  Nicola wanted full-on rope and sensation play and it would be nice, but not vital, if she got some great pix.
We were delighted with the pictures we got, and with a whole bank of new sensations, not to mention some pretty intense old ones, we know for sure that Nicola wasn’t disappointed  🙂

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