Imprisoned and Abused? – Shock Horror!

Once again our intrepid reporter comes through with a scoop.

Our fearless reporter has once again braved the threats and risks of the dark underworld of kink to bring us a shocking story of hardship and abuse.

Following leads gained in weeks of research and clandestine meetings with informers our reporter discovered the location of a premises where it was believed people are taken, held captive and dreadfully abused by a secret group that call themselves ‘Doms’.

Daring all, our reporter was able to sneak onto the premises where there was indeed a captive, a woman who appeared to have been held there in shocking conditions for many days.

Our reporter was able to get pictures of the horrific conditions to which she was subject and risking all, hid within the building until able to get close her.

This dreadfully abused woman revealed to our reporter in whispers that she was still in good spirits and still hopeful of a change in her circumstances.  She said that the shed where she was being held could be dreadfully cold at night when she was chained to the wall and fearsomely hot through the day.  The pallet floor on which she was held, sparsely  scattered with filthy straw was a source of constant discomfort and she hadn’t been allowed washing or sanitary facilities since she had been imprisoned.

Worst of all she told our reporter, was that she expected to be constantly abused, physically and sexually, but in fact she hadn’t had a good beating in days, and not once had she had more than ten orgasms in a day.

She went on to reveal that she is seriously considering demanding her money back.

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  1. israel
    October 24, 2017 at 21:17 — Reply

    Thank you for covering this often avoided (by a lot of regular people) -topic. <3 <3

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