“I’m up for anything”

She came in to shoot nude, but when you’re working with a model who’s favourite saying is “you know me, I’m up for owt” and you’ve got time to spare on the shoot, its going to be fun.

Take a great looking naked 19 year old, a few lengths of rope, a few pieces of jewellery and you can get some great pix.

Ok, the rope work is appalling, but the thought was there, and I’ve set myself the challenge of getting it right next time – exactly how long does it take to become a shibari master?

We had fun and she climbed a few more rungs up the ‘favourite model’ ladder when she made me promise we’d tie her up again in the next shoot and then forgot her knickers when she left 😀

ps.  You’ve got to admire her grip on that pendant 🙂

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