Hello Leanne

We hadn’t come across Leanne before, so when a friend and fellow photographer said 
“she’s good and wants to do some rope”,
and we agreed to book her, we really didn’t know what to expect.

We weren’t disappointed.
She told us she was returning to modelling and the fetish scene, a story we and other photographers hear all too frequently from models. Jealous and controlling boyfriends demand they stop modelling, then, in our view unsurprisingly, the relationship fails and they come back to what they love doing.
As usual we started with classic nude and it was quickly obvious Leanne is an experienced glamour model and knows how to work her body and move for the camera, but as we worked we could see her adapting her style more towards classic nude, which is very different from, and more demanding than glamour posing.

She’d asked for something presenting her in a submissive role, so add some leather and chain wardrobe, the classic slave pose and an anonymous Dom and we had our sub.
Outside the studio the promised cloud and overcast hadn’t materialised and it was sunny and warm and here we were with a glamour model.  
The opportunity for a calendar shot was there, so ironically, after asking her to adapt to classic nude we set about making glamour images.  
Add a chain dress, a pair of Gucci sun glasses and some bale trailers down on the farm and we had our picture.   
At this rate we may end up with enough pictures for two calendars.

With shooting time running out we went for one last set. Back at the studio we have a suspension frame outside and Leanne wanted to do some rope. She had done a little rope and had even been suspended, but had been disappointed that she had only been an inch off the ground.  
We didn’t have much time so it was a quick  suspension but this time she got the full suspended experience.
Right at the end of the shoot, as she was leaving, one of our favourite first shoot things happened.  She said she’d had great fun, loved what we’d done, and could she come back for more.  😁

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