Hannah Wanted to Do Rope

Our friend and fellow photographer RichieS mentioned that one of the models he works with has said she’d love to do some rope pictures to add something new to her portfolio.

Well with looks like Hannah’s and her determination to get great pictures, what else could we say?

We wanted to give her a fairly comprehensive introduction to rope and and she said she was particularly keen to do a suspension because that looked really cool.  We told her that a suspension on her first time out with rope would be pushing it, but if all went well and she was ok with the restraint and the discomfort of  rope under stress, then we’d try a partial suspension.

She is a natural.  She struggled a  little at first with the constraint of tight rope on her legs, but once she got into it there was no stopping her and when it came to it, there was absolutely no reason not to take the next step from partial suspension and very quickly she was flying, with a huge grin on her face.

Hannah is an alternative fashion/culture model rather than a fetish model, but she’s no shrinking violet and pretty much up for anything that will make a good picture so we predict you’ll be seeing more of her on this site.

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