Gentleman – slob

When RJ and Kai approached us suggesting a Dom/sub shoot with Kai booted and suited, we were happy to go with that, but suggested why not also shoot Kai as a slob with his equally scummy sub. They were up for that, so we started to plan

The first half would be easy, we’ve done it before with others, Kai would provide his own wardrobe and RJ would bring along some good looking lingerie that we’ve shot in the past.
The second half needed more thought.
For our part we provided a settee draped in a trashy animal skin cover for Kai to slob around on, and laid on a few props that would set the scene.  Cheap beer cans were easy.  The newspapers less so.  You’ve no idea how embarrassing it is walking into a newsagent and asking for the Daily Star and Sunday Sport!
Kneelix topped off the set going bin diving to retrieve two week old bread, nicely green and mouldy with which to make up a half eaten burger.  Add a greasy plate, a few beans and one or two other unpleasant things and we had that ‘never tidied up’ look.
For Kai it was greasy stained jeans, a singlet liberally doused in beer and brown sauce and muck rubbed into his face and neck.  RJ got the same treatment, but as she would be naked I think we came as close to ‘sploshing’ as we’ve ever been.
As always it was a fun shoot.  As for the pictures, judge for yourself.

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