Fire Play

In the weeks running up to this shoot, Fire Hobbit had teased Phoenix Rising mercilessly about the risk she would be running submitting herself to his fire-play, with talk of burns units, fire extinguishers and body disposal.  All in jest of course, but nonetheless it was a rather nervous Phoenix that walked onto our outdoor set.  

It didn’t help that at the time Fire Hobbit was in the midst of a conversation about the risk that the frame she was to be tied to may catch fire.
The plan was to work through flogger, whip and sword before finishing with the most demanding of the disciplines, fire breathing.  
Similar consideration had to be given to Phoenix so we would work up from a freestanding pose for the fire, lighting and exposure tests, to being roped and tied to a post, then a standing suspension and finally full suspension for the fire sword and fire breathing.
Fire Hobbit is an experienced fire wrangler but I suspect that it isn’t too often that he has a beautiful naked woman as his target while coping with blinding flashes, but after some practice time he confidently announced he was ready. 
It was with considerably less confidence that Phoenix dropped her robe and took her first position.
Her fans will be relieved to hear that she survived her ordeal unscathed.  
As for the shoot?
The results speak for themselves.

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