Fifi and Jimmy

Fifi Trixabell came into the studio straight from work on Friday.  We try to avoid evening shoots because we work our models pretty hard to get the best out of them for their pictures, and on top of a full day’s work, that often means the models are soon looking tired  and we have to wrap the shoot.

Not with Fifi though.  She jumped straight into the work.  We were doing figure work and pressing her for stretch and balance poses, but she just kept on delivering and even when we suggested stopping for a break she wanted to press on, suggesting some even more strenuous poses.  Who were we to argue.
Then I suggested a shot featuring her Jimmy Choo’s.  I swear her eyes glazed over for a good 20 seconds before she cracked a beaming smile and said “oh can we?”
That was the first time we’ve done a couple shoot with only one person.  Fifi loves her Jimmy Choo’s 😉
Then as I was about to move on,  with a rather sheepish look, she said “it might be a bit filthy, but can I just have a picture sucking the heel of my Jimmy Choo?”
Hey, filthy suits us down to the ground, so that was a no-brainer 😉
After getting downright dirty with Jimmy she was pretty spent, so in lieu of a post-coital cigarette she settled for some supper and curling up in a warm bed.
I couldn’t help wondering though just what sort of dreams she was having.  Whatever they were, I’d absolutely no doubt that some stylish and very elegant black heels played a major role.

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