Field Hand Phoenix

We agreed with Phoenix.  It has been way too long since we’ve seen her in our studio.  So when we had some free time she called in.  Of course, with her  notorious “Liberal relationship with time” she didn’t arrive until well after we’d arranged, but nevertheless we had good weather and enough time to take some pictures.

We packed up cameras flash and rope and headed off into the field behind the studio where we knew there was a handy electricity line pole just crying out to have a naked woman tied to it.

Phoenix obviously started to get worried and it wasn’t long until she raised her concern.  It was a warm afternoon and the sun was out, there was no freezing wind, no ice or snow on the floor, and what’s more not a policeman for miles.  This just wasn’t like our usual shoots with Phoenix.   😉

We always try to make her feel at home with us but we can’t control the weather, so we found a nice spot for her to get naked, complete with thistles, nettles and brambles. Well it’s the least we could do.  🙂

The image of a down at heel field hand was where we started when planning the shoot and the dungarees personify that.  If you had an indentured field hand that looked like Phoenix, what would you do?

We had started late so we didn’t get all the sets done that we wanted and I think our neighbour was particularly disappointed because we didn’t get the chance do the planned nude suspension in his workshop, but he seemed very eager to help us out, so I don’t think it will be long until that happens.

We’re expecting Phoenix back very soon.

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