We’d worked with Em when she came in with another model, so when she said she’d like to come in and shoot Solo we were very happy to set a date.

When it came to planning, she had nothing specific she wanted to do, but she did want to get some new pictures for her pay page, and we thought something simple but a little more rude than we typically do would work well for that. For our part we wanted to see how she did with classic and erotic nude and hopefully get another picture for our neighbour’s farm calendar.
We’d seen some pictures of her make up work, and were intrigued by the slightly alternative style she used, so we gave her a freehand, only tweaking the final look just a little, and that based on stuff she’d done in the past.  We also wanted to show off her great ink.

I suppose it’s a little bizarre that having got a great make up look we really liked, we went on to give her a masquerade mask that hid it, but when we tried it on with some matching wardrobe she loved it and looked great.
We got our calendar shot with time to spare, despite fairly dodgy weather, so not wishing to waste the opportunity we got her naked again and tied her up for a few “captive” images in the barn –  well, wouldn’t you?

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