Ellarna and Red – Again

We’ve shot with Ellarna and Christian will Red before.  It was a great fun shoot and we got some great pictures, so when we got a message from Ellarna asking to come back and do more we jumped at the chance.
She told us that the two of them had done a great’Bent back tie’ but that they hadn’t been able to get any good pictures of it, so they wanted to try again and had come to us knowing we would deliver the Great picture they wanted.
As we said, we’ve shot with these guys before so although they were coming in to get a specific picture we well knew that there would be a lot more going on and we would end up with lots of great pictures.

The day before we were due to shoot we got a message from Ellarna saying that she had a friend staying with her and they had a gig together after our shoot so to make things simple could she bring her friend along to shoot.
We’ve had problems in the past and even had to close shoots early because bored spectators had played-up and become too distracting for the models, so we weren’t keen, but then Ellarna mentioned that her friend Chel, was from a photography house and was herself a model.
That changes things.  A little more discussion and we agreed that Chel would come along with Ellarna and will be open to joining in with the shoot for some pictures.
The three of them arrived and immediately the atmosphere in the studio Went from working environment to fun environment, lots of catching up, coffee, tea and somewhere in amongst all that plans were finalised.
The first tie would be the key tie, the one they had come in to get pictures of.  It would be nude but Ellarna had brought along thigh length striped socks and wanted to use those just for something a little different in the tie.  We nailed the picture.
But that wasn’t the end of the shoot, nowhere near it.
Next came another tie and suspension.  This time Ellarna wanted to be able to use the pictures on Instagram so we couldn’t do nude and she had brought along some colourful lingerie to keep the Instagram prudes happy.
It wasn’t long before we realised that far from being a potential distraction Chel was a positive bonus to the shoot, jumping in to tweak hair and wardrobe when necessary, allowing Knelix who usually has hair, makeup and wardrobe duties to continue shooting.
We like to have music playing in the studio during shoots and predictably hey Ellarna made the music her own, at one point even breaking out her moves in an impromptu dance routine.
We ended up with way more behind the scenes pictures than we usually get, so many that we’ve decided to put up a behind-the-scenes blog just to show you some of those shots.
Chel had said she would join in the shoot, but we don’t think she had realised that as far as Ellarna, Christian and us were concerned that meant joining in with the rope play, but frankly when she realised she had the opportunity, she was more than happy to leave her clothes on the studio floor and get tied by Chris.
Perhaps predictably Ellarna wasn’t just going to stand on the sidelines and watch, so when Chal commented that it was a shame her nipples weren’t standing up for the camera, Ellarna didn’t need telling twice, but judging from the faces Chel pulled we’re not sure she didn’t regret mentioning it.  Que more pictures for the behind the scenes collection.
When we were planning the shoot we were surprised and delighted when Christian said that he would love to shoot some pictures of him being a sub to Ellarna’s Domme. Now with Chel in the shoot we could have two Dommes, so after Kneelix worked her magic with wardrobe the tables were turned and the two girls found themselves with a sub at their feet. Needless to say they were both hated every minute of that set   😉

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