Dancing Nude

Nude Dancer came in for our nude portrait project.
We’d agreed that we’d do a little rope too and when he’d told us that despite his nickname, he didn’t have any dance images in his portfolio, we said we’d fix that.

The theme of our project is strength and confidence in nudity, so someone that spends as much time as possible naked, and feels more comfortable naked than clothed is an ideal subject for us.
While as a rule we keep the images we get during the project part of the shoot for the final project publication, the exuberance with which he embraced and exceeded our direction gave us images we wouldn’t use in the project but which are very at home on this site.
We didn’t get the rope pictures we wanted.  A little too much experimentation on our part.  So it won’t be long, we’re guessing, before we see Nude Dancer back in our studio.

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