Dance Macabre

In her first shoot with us, just a few weeks ago, Rose Macabre mentioned that she played violin.
You have to understand that shooting a nude musician with her instrument has been high on our To Do list for ages so there was no way we were going to let her leave the studio without getting a date in the diary for her to come back with the violin.

So it was that Rose was nude and in front of our cameras once again.
Never ones for missing an opportunity we threw her in at the deep end with some straight figure work.
Why in at the deep end?  As we tell new or would-be models, figure work, classic nude, artistic nude, or any of the other names it attracts in the art world, is about as hard as it gets for the model.
With no props or clothes to interact with, its just the model, her body and the light and that’s not an easy proposition unless perhaps you are an experienced and skilled figure model.
Then we introduced her violin to the set and in a first for our studio we found we no longer needed the studio sound system as we were treated to a medley of classic orchestral and folk pieces and had fun trying to put titles to pieces from Pachelbel’s Canon to the horn pipe and of course with a name like hers, Dance Macabre had to be in there too.
Okay, you have a naked woman and a violin in front of you and she’s asking “what’s next” what do you do?
Well if you’re in the GP Erotica studio, you get out the rope and tie them up 😉

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